We are SOLO

Survivors of a Legal Ordeal

If you have been injured in a traumatic or catastrophic accident of any kind, you understand what our bloggers have been through and may be interested in hearing other survivors’ stories so you can begin to heal from your legal ordeal. Survivors of a Legal Ordeal hopes to help you find the answers you’re looking for as you cope with what’s happened to you.

We feature blog posts each week written by accident and injury survivors to tell their stories. Many survivors find that describing what has happened to them to be therapeutic, and we hope that after reading these relatable stories, you won’t feel so alone in your traumatic ordeal.

Types of Accidents Our Bloggers Have Been Injured In

We feature blog posts written by individuals who have been involved or injured in serious accidents, family members of these survivors, and others who have been involved in some sort of legal ordeal. Topics may include the following:

  • Those who have been forced to declare bankruptcy
  • Being seriously injured at work
  • Former employees who uncovered securities fraud
  • Car accident survivor stories
  • Child support and difficult family law disputes
  • Dealing with the IRS
  • Being accused of committing a crime
  • Surviving a medical malpractice ordeal
  • Employment discrimination
  • Fighting for workers compensation benefits
  • Overcoming a traumatic brain injury
  • Getting divorced

These are just a few of the topics SOLO bloggers have covered in the past. By opening up the conversation about the various legal struggles survivors have overcome, our hope is to give hope to others dealing with a legal ordeal, so they know there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel.

What Injury Survivors Do to Recover Compensation

Those who are fortunate enough to survive a traumatic or catastrophic accident don’t dream of having millions of dollars. Instead, we dream of not having to worry about being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to our medical bills, not having chronic pain, and being able to go back to our lives before the accident.

Nothing can change what we’ve been through, but we can take steps to make the best of our situations. One way to do that is to ensure that whoever is responsible for causing our injuries is held accountable.

Many survivors turn to civil court as a way to recover compensation for their suffering. If you are interested in learning more about how to fight for repayment or for other legal resources, check out our resources page.