Accused in Chicago: How I Overcame Being Wrongfully Arrested for Heroin Possession

I know law enforcement is simply doing their jobs and trying to keep our towns and cities safe from countless types of crime, but when I was arrested while visiting Chicago on a business trip, respecting the police who wouldn’t listen to me was the furthest thing from my mind. I’m Liam Alexander, and this is the story of how I overcame being wrongfully arrested on a heroin possession charge.

The Trauma of My Arrest

It all began on the night I landed in Chicago. I had an important business meeting the following morning and I wanted to be well-rested. So I ordered an Uber to take me to my Hyatt Place on the Loop, and that’s where things went downhill.

Once I got into the car, I figured it would be like any other Uber trip I had taken. Pleasant enough conversation and a ride to my destination—but this wasn’t the case for this Uber trip.

I should have known from the start that this Uber driver wasn’t the pick of the litter, but I’m not one to judge a person based on their appearance, so I brushed off the feeling that this guy was up to no good and hopped in. A couple of blocks later, we were pulled over by Chicago’s finest and I was asked to step out of the vehicle. Little did I know that when I got into the Uber, a bag of heroin had slipped into my coat pocket from the seat when I slid into the car.

When the police officer asked to search me, I had no qualms about it because I knew I didn’t have anything to hide. But when they found the bag of heroin, all bets were off.

I was handcuffed and brought to a facility where I was forced to undergo a strip-search and spend the night in a cell while my wife gathered the money to pay my bail. After all, it wasn’t like I had a Chicago drug crime defense attorney on my speed dial. I was visiting on work-related business for goodness sake!

No matter how much I tried to explain that this was all a misunderstanding, no one would listen. Having always been a law-abiding citizen, this arrest was the most traumatic experience of my life.

The Drug Test That Saved Me

Thankfully, once I was able to speak with the prosecuting attorney, I explained to them what I thought happened and demanded that they let me take a drug test so they could see that I wasn’t a drug user and that the bag being in my possession was a fluke.

The prosecutor agreed, and once I passed the drug test, the heroin possession charges against me were dropped. It turns out that the Uber driver regularly transports heroin around the city, and I was just an innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire in this situation.

My life could have dramatically changed if I had been convicted of a heroin possession charge, and I am grateful that my experience is far less serious than someone who was wrongfully convicted as opposed to being wrongfully arrested. I stay away from public transportation these days, and instead order a car service so I know the driver can be trusted and is following the letter of the law.