Are There Ways to Reduce Criminal Penalties in TX?

Getting hit with a criminal penalty in the state of Texas, or any state for that matter, can be a very tough time for the person involved. The good news is that Texas is one of the few states that allows their prosecutors to offer reduced charges, eligible for deferred adjudication.

Getting a good defense lawyer who can fight a charge and reduce it to a lower crime class is something that is very valuable. So just how can something like this be done, and how much work needs to be put into the case in general?

In order to give an example, the best way to do so is look at a driving while intoxicated charge. This is a charge that a lot of people have had to deal with, and it can come with costly penalties in a lot of cases. Perhaps the costliest is getting a felony DWI.

A felony DWI can really set a person back, but a lawyer will try to fight for their client in order to get it reduced to some type of misdemeanor. Getting a charge like “obstruction of the highway” or “obstruction of a passageway” is a lot easier to deal with going forward.

Another way to reduce criminal penalties is to try to get a DWI charge changed to just reckless driving. This is something that looks a lot better on a person’s record, and they will not see quite the same increase on their insurance.

All in all, criminal penalties can be reduced by any lawyer out there who knows the law and what to expect in the state of Texas. It just comes down to looking at the case from all angles. Since the charge is just being reduced, not eliminated, it is something that some prosecuting lawyers are fine with—if they are able to charge the defendant for something, they feel like they were able to hold someone accountable.

Criminal penalties in the state of Texas can really do a lot of damage to someone who has a job. Just getting hit with one type a felony can cost a person a lot, which is why the best lawyers in the state, who are very good at reducing criminal penalties, can charge such a high rate in general. Not all of them are extremely expensive, but it does take some shopping around to find just the right fit.

It is also important in cases like this to go with a criminal defense attorney in Tarrant County or county local to you. They will be more familiar with their ability to get a charge reduced in that area, and depending on the case, there certainly is a chance.