Things to Know About New Mexico’s Dog Bite Law

A dog bite can certainly be a scary situation for anyone that goes through it. Even though dogs can, at times, be the most loving animals in the world, they have very sharp teeth that can do some serious damage. Sometimes, a dog bite can send a person to a hospital and really cause a lot of long-term pain and suffering. Here are some things to know about New Mexico’s dog bite law.

The first thing every single person should know in this state is that there is no statute on dog bite liability. Instead, they have what is called a uniform jury instruction, which means that the person who owns the dog is personally responsible for any of their crazy biting actions. There is some gray area as far as if the person who is bitten knows the dog has this tendency or not, but it should at least always be pursued if the dog bites.

After a dog bite, the first step is always going to be seeking out medical attention. No one should really be thinking about any type of legal formality at this point. Instead, use insurance for medical attention right away, and worry about reimbursement later.

Once everything is set up to heal, then a person should seek out some type of legal representation. A personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque is going to know all the laws, not only in New Mexico, but in other states if it happens while out of state. They will be able to provide quality advice that can be used in order to make smart decisions.

There are some cases in which a person might not be able to build a strong legal case against a dog owner. For starters, any person who ends up provoking a dog (and it can be proved) is not going to have a very successful time trying to press charges. The same goes for someone who already knows the dog is a little bit vicious. This can be tougher to prove, but it does hold merit.

Any dog owner should also be taking as many precautions as possible to prevent something like this from happening. Dogs can sometimes be unpredictable around strangers, so people need to be as smart as possible when bringing them around. Just one wrong move by a dog can put a person in a weird situation where they owe someone a lot of money.